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The original language of CnxManager is English from Down Under. However, it has been setup to be easily translated to other languages and already supports the following thanks to all those people:

ISO Code
Last Updated
Olivier Sannier
Peter Thörnqvist

There is no need for a seperate download, all the current languages are available in the distribution packages

If you want to help and translate CnxManager in your own language, download the files below and poEdit here : Copy these file to the languages\ISOCODE\LC_MESSAGES subfolder, where ISOCODE is the ISO code for the language you are translating to (German=de, Spanish=es, Italian=it, Norwegian=no, Russian=ru...). The ISO codes are the one used by GNU gettext and may include country specifics (like in fr_FR for French spoken in France)
You then have about 400 sentences to translate. It should take you about one hour.

File Description
Translations for the main program. This is the most important one
Translations for the error messages that can arise when a call to socket from ICS fails.
RAS.po Translations for the RAS API unit, used by the Dial-Up connection
counters.po Translations for the Counters plugin
passwordmanager.po Translations for the Password Manager plugin.

CnxManager also uses a language list, which was hosted here until version Since then, the language list is directly imported from the dxggettext web site ( Please check here if your language is not already added in Lars' list. If not, download the template and follow his instructions.

Finally, send me a zip file with your translations, they'll be added in the next release.