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Date Event
01-04-2007 CnxManager released
This release now detects Mozilla and Seamonkey (0 comments)
15-06-2005 CnxManager released
This is mostly a maintenance release. (1 comments)
12-02-2005 CnxManager released
This release fixes many bugs, among which the calls to netsh that were not working at all. (1 comments)
14-10-2004 CnxManager released
This minor release fixes the issue with the French translation where %x was used instead of %s in one of the messages. (0 comments)
05-09-2004 CnxManager released
This release fixes the bugs in the hierarchy model and introduces a new XML format. (0 comments)
28-04-2004 CnxManager released
This new version introduces the concept of a hierarchy of connections, allowing to have actions for a set of connections (0 comments)
20-04-2004 CnxManager Released
This new version introduces the ability to set an interface IP address and parameters through the use of netsh.
The translations have been updated.
Thanks a lot to all the users who gave their feedback. (0 comments)
03-10-2003 Counters for CnxManager released
This release of the Counters plugin is a bug fix release to address the problems with the traffic counter loosing interface names and resetting around midnight. (0 comments)
23-08-2003 Connection Manager released
This new version introduces the use of a simpler XML parser from the JVCL and forces the use of version 0.2 of the plugins specifications. You must download the complete package to get all the latest versions. (0 comments)
09-08-2003 Connection Manager released
The latest version fixes the IP detection problem and will now prevent the user to run two instances of the program at the same time. (0 comments)