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As CnxManager is released under the MPL 1.1, its source code is available for download.
However, you must comply with the terms of the License if you intend to use the source code. A full copy of the MPL is available here:

Moreover, you will need to install a few additionnals components before being able to compile the source code.
It is compiling under Delphi 6, and makes heavy use of the Jedi VCL which you will find here :
As I am a member of the JVCL development team, I am using the latest JVCL 3 preview. You will have to get this version from in order to compile CnxManager

In order to connect to the network, I used the Internet Component Suite by François Piette, which you will need to download and install from here: If the error messages from ICS don't get translated, be sure to use the latest version as I made some changes in it too.

After having installed all this, you should be able to compile the source code and make some modifications in there, if you need to. As required per the MPL, you must send these changes back to me. If you do so, please include a description of what you changed, including the reason, preferably in the form of a diff file (diff -u).
To get a first understanding to the source code, you should refer to the PDF files containing the class diagrams for CnxManager. These files are available from the CVS repository under the doc/Rose subfolder

For this project, I've developped a specific Frame that allows the user to select the current language and simplifies the life of the developper by virtually requiring him to just drop the frame on a form. More details are available here.